Ron Lee's Final Patterns to Improve Speech Recognition Accuracy

Through years of work, and based on his study of English language patterns, Ron Lee developed a computer programming script that can be used to improve speech recognition accuracy. The Final Patterns Script summarizes English patterns. By reduction and conversion, about one hundred final patterns are identified, which can be applied to any programs that require speech recognition. It can shorten the development process of any chatbots, question answering systems, and conversational systems. For example, you create an answer to "why to go to college", then users can ask the question in any ways they want, such as "Why do you want to go to college?" "Would you tell me why I have to go to college?" "Why do we need to go to college?" and so on. No programming experience is needed to develop your own Ask Systems or Conversational Systems for your websites. If you want to learn more, please send enquiry to

rong-chang ESL, Inc.
Los Angeles, USA