125. No Help from Coworker

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Patty needed help with her computer. She asked a coworker to help her. Patty said she would treat her coworker to a nice dinner. Her coworker asked, "What kind of dinner?" Patty said a nice Chinese dinner. Her coworker said that sounded good. She would come over to Patty's apartment at 7 o'clock. Patty went home after work. She made a delicious Chinese dinner. But her coworker didn't show up at 7 o'clock. Her coworker didn't show up at 7:30. Her coworker didn't call. Patty called her coworker. No one answered. At 9:30 Patty went to bed. The phone rang. It was her coworker. Patty didn't answer the phone. Tomorrow she would ask someone else to help her.

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