52. Hoping to Watch the Game (A)

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Mike and Maria were once again taking a stroll at the town mall, Old Town Pasadena. Mike was carrying a shopping bag for Maria, who had purchased a few items at the store. Maria had bought a few things for the kitchen. Mike, as usual, was stuck with the task of being the carrier. A few hours had passed since they had first arrived. Mike wondered if they were going to be there much longer.

There was a UCLA football game he wanted to watch at home. He looked at his clock and noticed that it was almost five o'clock. The football game started at six. Mike and Maria had been at the mall since two that afternoon. Their time had been spent window shopping and actual shopping. There were a lot of people at the mall that day. It made sense seeing as how it was the weekend.

The mall usually had the most visitors during the weekend, especially by families. Mike and Maria passed by a family with a crying child. The child was crying because he wanted a toy and his parents wouldn't buy it. The child's wailing was so loud it made Mike's ears ring!

Mike looked at Maria and said, "I hope our future children aren't cry babies like that one." Maria laughed and agreed. "Let's just agree not to have any," she said. "I hope you are kidding," Mike replied. Maria looked straight ahead as they continued walking. They were nearing the exit and Mike saw the opportunity to bring up leaving.


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